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AT&T in California: Service You Can Count On

Many California residents love days at the beach, filled with relaxation and great surfing. AT&T customers in California also get the very best surfing experience when it comes to their Internet service, enjoying fast downstream speeds and reliable fiber-optic technology.

AT&T provides exemplary High Speed Internet service in the state of California. AT&T in one of the largest telecommunications providers in the country!

When customers choose AT&T U-verse in California, they are choosing a company with a history of excellence in home communications and entertainment. Much like the Los Angeles Lakers, the San Francisco 49ers or the Oakland Athletics, AT&T’s history speaks for itself.

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The Best Choice in California: AT&T U-verse Internet

With AT&T Internet and U-verse, you’ll always stay connected. AT&T uses an advanced digital network to ensure your connectivity is as reliable as possible. With AT&T reliability, you can do all the things you love online – without interruptions.

Whether you need to work from home, check your social media account or tune into the latest California sporting event, you’ll enjoy a dependable connection with U-verse Internet in California.

AT&T U-verse services are delivered over a network that includes fiber-optic technology1, so U-verse customers can enjoy fast speeds, with up to 75 Mbps downstream speeds. Thanks to AT&T U-verse, you can spend less time waiting for websites to buffer, and more time taking advantage of all the Golden State has to offer.

AT&T U-verse TV: A New Level of Entertainment


When you’re not out enjoying Yosemite, Disneyland or a beautiful day at the beach, you can still enjoy great entertainment at home! With U-verse TV service in California, you’ll find out why AT&T customers are more satisfied than cable customers.

Ask about U-verse bundles in California when you call today. You can add U-verse TV to your Internet package – all for one low price!

AT&T U-verse Voice: Communication You Can Count On

Besides reliable Internet and TV service, U-verse also offers California customers incredible phone service options. U-verse Voice service provides sound quality that is crystal-clear and reliable.

AT&T phone service provides more than 20 advanced features, including caller ID, three-way calling and call waiting. AT&T phone service lets you communicate affordably with friends and loved ones across California and beyond.

It’s no wonder that California residents turn to AT&T for service they can depend on.

Call today to find out how AT&T U-verse in California can help you get better connected – all for an affordable price. Ask about U-verse bundles in California and save big on your monthly bill!