AT&T U-verse in Kansas City

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AT&T U-verse: Providing Kansas City, MO Residents with Top-Quality Internet Service


One of the nation’s most centrally-located big cities, Kansas City, Missouri boasts a wealth of farmland, producing plenty of fresh meat and produce. With so much fresh food, Kansas City is home to many local farmers markets and delicious restaurants. In this heart of the Heartland, there is only one thing taken as seriously as the farming industry: the Kansas City Chiefs.

When you’re watching a Kansas City Chiefs game, you need reliable service. AT&T U-verse is proud to offer the residents of Kansas City a superior option for Internet, Voice, and TV services. Backed by the reliability of one of the nation’s oldest communication companies, customers can spend less time dealing with technical issues and start enjoying AT&T.

AT&T U-verse Internet: Chief of Kansas City home networking

With speeds up to 75 Mbps, AT&T U-verse offers incredible service. Just as the age of dial-up Internet has passed, so have the days of waiting forever for a video to finish buffering, dealing with the frustration of unsatisfactory streaming abilities, lag when playing online games, or losing a day of work due to unreliable connectivity.

While copper used to be king, there is a new chief in town. Fiber optics delivers amazing advantages:

AT&T U-verse Voice: The same home phone service you love – upgraded

AT&T Voice offers smooth communication. Gone are the days of static or interference interrupting your conversations.

AT&T has over 20 advanced calling features. U-verse Voice Unlimited includes unlimited local calling, unlimited nationwide calling, three-way calling, caller identification, and call forwarding. For customers who consistently reach their cell phone minute limit, using a home phone can help conserve mobile minutes.


AT&T U-verse TV: Kansas City’s best option in home entertainment

Don’t be the odd person out at the office who didn’t witness the triumphant Chiefs’ victory. With hundreds of channels to choose from, AT&T customers get all the entertainment they want. This wide array of programming offers customers an endless assortment of entertainment for kicking back on the couch and relaxing after a long day.

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