AT&T U-verse in Ohio

U-verse Internet, TV and Voice

High Speed Internet
/mo. for 12 mos. when bundled,
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AT&T U-verse: Ohio’s Number One Choice for Home Services

As the home of the Reds, Browns and Buckeyes, Ohio takes its sports teams seriously. When you want to watch the teams you love hit it out of the park (or drive it down the field), you need reliable AT&T service.

AT&T has been a top provider in Ohio for home services for many years – in cities like Akron, Cleveland, Columbus, and more! Now, AT&T offers advanced services through a digital network using fiber-optic technology.1 Choose AT&T U-verse Internet, Voice and TV for incredible service you can count on, plus these most wanted features:

AT&T U-verse Internet: the Way Internet Should Be

With AT&T U-verse Internet, you get more speed, more reliability to do everything you love online.  With downstream speeds of up to 75 Mbps, you can stream video content without lengthy buffering times.**  You can play online games without embarrassing lag or latency issues, or work from the comfort of your own home without worrying about an unreliable connection.

AT&T can provide this level of quality service, thanks to its fiber-optic technology.1 The benefits of carbon fiber optics over previously used copper wiring include:

  • More bandwidth
  • Elimination of electromagnetic interference
  • Protection from damages caused by electrical storms and fire hazards
  • Increased energy efficiency thanks to the use of lower power transmitters

AT&T U-verse TV: Enjoy Familiar Classics and Discover New Favorites


With hundreds of channels and an on-screen television guide, you’re just a click away from almost endless entertainment opportunities.

With all of the benefits adding up for only one affordable monthly price, call and switch to AT&T U-verse today!


AT&T U-verse Voice: Connecting Customers around the World

Enjoy the same great home phone services you have enjoyed from AT&T for years with crystal-clear sound quality, dependable reception, and over 20 advanced calling features offered.

Plans like the AT&T U-verse Voice Unlimited Plan include unlimited nationwide and local calling, plus three-way calling capabilities, caller identification and call forwarding.

AT&T also offers an International Plan with the same great features as the U-verse Voice Unlimited Plan, plus cost-saving rates to dozens of countries around the world.

To save even more money, bundle all of the home services you love on one monthly bill for a low price. This added convenience and affordability, plus incredible service, places AT&T U-verse as one of the top providers in the Ohio market.