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DSL Internet: Consistent, Reliable

DSL Internet from AT&T is fast, consistent and reliable. Make AT&T your provider, and get friendly customer service, protective security features and affordable bundles.

What is DSL Internet?

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. It’s a way of connecting to the Internet that uses a phone jack to deliver a dedicated connection. Unlike cable Internet that could be shared with up to 500 neighbors on the same grid, AT&T offers Internet that is all yours, all the time.

Internet speeds vary based on AT&T availability and the package you choose. Pick the speed that’s best for you based on your typical online activity, the devices you use and the number of people and devices that use your connection.

Why choose AT&T

dsl internet

AT&T is one of America’s leading telecommunications providers. DSL availability with AT&T ranges across 21 states. With one of the nation’s largest Wi-Fi networks, AT&T subscribers have access to over 30,000 hotspots nationwide for online use on the go.1 AT&T customers get the best features and consistent access.

FREE security suite – Protect your identity and devices for FREE with plans 3 Mbps and higher.

Dedicated network connection – Don’t slow down your Internet speed by sharing with neighbors.

Gateway – Connect up to 10 devices throughout your home.

even better bundled

Save money, bundle with AT&T

AT&T bundles give you the services you want at a lower price. Combine your Internet and home phone services with AT&T to save time and money. Bundles give you more for your money and provide all your home services with one bill. Choose the services you need and start saving today.

DSL Internet: Experience fast, affordable and reliable Internet service to stream, surf, game, share and more!

Home Phone: Get reliable, consistent phone service with dozens of useful features like 3-way calling, privacy manager and priority call.

Stay protected with AT&T’s security suite

It’s important to monitor your Internet activity and keep your information and devices safe. AT&T offers a security suite2 provided by McAfee to help prevent malicious activity. This package includes anti-virus, anti-spyware and a firewall to help you avoid cyber threats.

Stay safe online with pop-up blockers and customizable parental controls. Parents, choose what you want your family to be able to do and see online. Plus, get 11 unique emails with your DSL service protected by MailGuard.

Ready to get started?

Friendly AT&T experts are ready to take your call and help you customize your order today. Not sure what you want? AT&T experts can help determine DSL availability in your area, choose Internet speeds that are best for you and bundle your services to save money.

Call now to get your personalized AT&T package with fast Internet speeds and reliable home phone.