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AT&T High Speed Internet: High Speeds, Low Prices

AT&T Internet has high speed internet up to 1000 Mbps in select areas with AT&T Fiber.  Aside from AT&T Fiber speeds, AT&T offers internet service with speeds up to 75 Mbps in serviceable areas. Check your serviceability to get the speed you need at a price you’ll love*.

It’s fast. Delivering broadband speeds up to 6 Mbps — fast enough for surfing, streaming, browsing and more.

It’s reliable. Running on AT&T’s strong, all-digital network, for a consistent connection you can count on, 24/7.

It’s convenient. Using affordable, widely-available DSL technology. It’s easy to get, and easy to use.

Do what you love with AT&T High Speed Internet

AT&T for work

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Whether you’re working from home or just need to send a quick email, AT&T High Speed Internet can help you get more done.

Access work files with cloud storage, or connect with the office on a VPN. Send instant messages to coworkers, or stay in touch over video chat. AT&T High Speed Internet helps you do what you need to — so you can spend more time doing what you want.

AT&T for play

Movies. TV. Music. Games. Whatever your passion, you can find it with an AT&T Internet connection.

Watch new releases, and explore new artists. Stream episodes of your favorite TV shows, and download e-books to your mobile device. Do more of what you love on a fast, consistent connection from AT&T.

What you get with AT&T

It’s is more than just fast, reliable service. When you get AT&T, you get everything you need for a complete connection.

Better online security. AT&T’s Internet Security Suite helps protect against hackers, viruses, spyware and is free on 3.0+ DSL! AT&T puts security in your hands, so you can keep your family safe online.

On-the-go Wi-Fi access. You need strong Internet service at home. But you also need it on the go. Connect anywhere with access to AT&T’s national Wi-Fi network.1

Each AT&T Internet plan comes with access to thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, so you can stay connected — no matter where you are.

High-tech features. Get more from AT&T High Speed Internet. Added features from Yahoo! and AT&T give you a better online experience, every time.

Make AT&T High Speed Internet yours

Want to get started online? Give us a call. Our experts can help you find the Internet speed that meets your needs, whether it’s AT&T DSL or AT&amp High Speed Internet.

Fast. Reliable. Consistent. Convenient. That’s the kind of connection you need. And that’s what you get with AT&T. Call today to get started!