The Consumer Electronics Show 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show 2016

December 11, 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show will take place in Las Vegas from January 6-9, 2016. It’s been described as “the place where you can get a glimpse into our digital future—at least for the next 12 months.” It is estimated that there will be more than 3,600 exhibitors and 20,000 new products.

In 2015, some of the main themes at the show included smart homes and cars connected to the Internet. While these will likely remain popular topics, Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist and Director of Research at the Consumer Technology Association (which hosts CES), outlined a few other popular topics.

  • Wearables—wearable gadgets and other technology that help track and monitor our lives to offer recommendations for improving daily life
  • Aggregated learning—artificially intelligent objects that collect data to learn from previous mistakes (think Google’s self-driving cars)
  • Predictive customization—machine learning that recognizes your personal preferences in order to make new recommendations

Let’s take a closer look at these topics and a few others.


The wearable technology industry is expected to be worth $25 billion in 2019, while health-tracking technology could rise to $5 billion in 2016. Living in Digital Times puts it this way, “Wristwear, eyewear, fingerwear, clothing, accessories- thanks to the advances in mobile technology you can now carry the power of your desktop on your body. The innovation that stems from the wearables market is one of the main themes of CES 2016.

Here are some wearables that will be showcased at CES.

  • The Oura Ring, which won a CES 2016 early innovation award, sends information about your pulse, movements, and body temperature to an app so you can learn more about your sleep habits and ways to improve your overall mental and physical health.
  • The Adidas SmartRun watch has a heart rate monitor, GPS, wireless music, speed recording, and an eight hour battery life. This watch also offers real time coaching for serious runners looking to improve their performance.
  • The baby monitor Mimo is fitted with sensors to help track “your infant’s respiration, skin temperature, body position, and activity level.” You can also have your baby’s sounds streamed in real-time to the smartphone app.

Smart Homes and Smart Cars


This year, car technology companies’ attendance will increase by 25%. CES 2016 is expecting nine major carmakers and 100 auto tech companies.

According to Shelly Palmer, a technology focused strategic advisor and frequent CNBC and CNN commentator, “As we become more comfortable and reliant on adaptive cruise control, lane assist, autonomous parking and other safety features, we will become acclimated to the idea that cars can do most or all of the work.”

Audi and Faraday Future, a new car maker, have plans to show concept cars at the event. So, CES participants are sure to see a glimpse into the future of driving.

Smart Homes will be back with new improvements. Sengled will be at the show with light bulbs that have wireless HD cameras and smart bulbs that can bring Internet to dead zones in your home. They even have voice bulbs that can take voice commands, record appointments, send reminders, and alert you in the event of a crying baby or smoke alarm. These high tech bulbs, especially the Internet dead zone ones, can really come in handy for some people.

Internet Connectivity

Global Internet connectivity is part of the CES 2016 Tech Changing the World series. Several major companies are looking to bring Internet to developing areas of the world.

For examples, Facebook’s initiative is, a platform that explores other ways for spreading Internet access. Some of these include using planes, satellites, and even lasers.

And, Google is hard at work on Project Loon. This experiment attempts to deliver wireless Internet via balloons in the stratosphere.

OneWeb is also working on using satellites to deliver affordable Internet across the globe, with the hopes that it will be beneficial during natural disasters and other times of crisis.

Miscellaneous topics

  • Drones will also be a big topic in January. Lily Robotics will be introducing a camera drone that follows the user with a tracking device.
  • There’s sure to be newer TVs with better displays, improved brightness, and richer colors.
  • The Gaming and Virtual Reality market will have more than 40 exhibitors, expanding 77% over 2015.
  • 3D printing will be there in full force—or full body. The Artec Shapify Booth can scan someone in 12 seconds and print a color 3D model in 15 minutes.

All of these technology areas have seen major advancements over the year, and many of them are just beginning to take off. With people eager to get their hands on their own wearables, drones, and smart cars, The Consumer Electronics Show is the perfect place to highlight these new products. It will be interesting to see what else the technology world has in store for 2016.



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