4 Things to Do Before Switching Internet Providers

4 Things to Do Before Switching Internet Providers


There are several reasons why you may be interested in switching your Internet Service Provider (ISP). These can range from being unhappy with customer service, wanting a faster Internet connection, or looking for a more affordable package. You may also be looking to switch from one kind of Internet to another, like transferring from a cable connection to fiber.

Do your research beforehand | If you’re seeking a more affordable package, you may want to consider finding a provider that allows you to bundle more than one service. Many providers offer Internet, home phone, and even TV. Another thing to keep in mind while you research is how much new equipment will cost.

Review your existing contract before taking action | Some companies have early termination fees or require a certain amount of notice. Sometimes there is a specific way you must cancel your service, such as calling in or filling out a specific form online.

Allow for some overlap time | It is best to allow extra time for your new Internet connection to kick in. It may take a few days to receive new equipment, and it is always a good idea to allow room for any technical issues.

Plan for the future | Many providers offer free email addresses. If you switch providers, you will lose any email addresses associated with that provider. Using services like Gmail or Yahoo for your email will help eliminate this problem.


You might have had an unfortunate need to switch, such as losing your Internet provider. Or, you might have found another deal that fits your business and budget. Whatever the reason, there are several important steps to take before making the switch.

Hold the line | Have you switched providers, and it’s not a panic move? Maintain your original connection for at least a month. Don’t be out of touch if something goes wrong during the migration.

Switch on the weekend | Switch providers on a weekend to lessen the impact of lost business.

Maintain domain records | Ask the provider you switched to for assistance.

Adjust settings | Your service provider knows your router type and how to edit settings. Businesses often request a fixed IP address and host their Web or mail server.

Don’t let just one company provide your Internet connection, Web hosting, and domain name. Otherwise, all three crucial pieces to your business could falter at once.

If your IP crashes, your customers will still be able to access your site. Transfer your domain name to another site if your domain host disappears. If your website takes a plunge, you’ll have Internet coverage with e-mail access.

It’s good practice to understand the process of changing Internet providers. Your attention to detail can make or break your business.