Cortana’s helping you remember

Cortana’s helping you remember

January 27, 2016

How many times have you promised to do something only to completely forget about it hours later? Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant, wants to help make sure this doesn’t happen. Whether it’s sending a report to your boss or picking up milk on the way home, Cortana can help remind you to get it done.

Cortana’s commitment reminders

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Do you send yourself email reminders as a way to keep track of your commitments? Cortana wants to eliminate this extra step for you. The virtual personal assistant scans your email for any promises you’ve made, such as “I’ll have that done by the end of the day” or “I’ll buy the movie tickets for tomorrow.” Cortana then offers to create a reminder for you. This may sound familiar because Cortana and other services like Gmail already review your email to create upcoming flight notifications.

A reminder won’t automatically be made for every commitment Cortana finds. Instead, users must still click a “set reminder” button, preventing an overwhelming amount of reminders you didn’t want. And, this feature can be disabled if you desire. However, for the reminders you do create, it’s an easy and useful way to stay on top of what you need to get done. Cortana Project Manager, Marcus Ash, says, “Helping you to keep tabs on your commitments is just one of the ways Cortana will get more proactive about managing your schedule.”

This feature is currently only available for Windows 10 Insiders. A date has not been set for when it will be released to all Windows 10 users.

Helping out with meetings, too

Making reminders for promises you’ve made in your emails isn’t Cortana’s only upgraded feature. You can also get alerts for last minute meeting requests. So if it’s late at night and your boss just scheduled a meeting for early tomorrow morning, Cortana can let you know.

You’ll also get alerts for meetings scheduled outside of your normal meeting hours. This makes it easy to set alarms accordingly or even request to reschedule the meeting if need be. Windows claims, “Cortana, like a true personal assistant, is intelligent enough to understand how you may uniquely like to work – including the hours you like to set meetings and those in which you are most productive.”

The future of virtual personal assistants

Advanced email features and other virtual personal assistants are becoming the way of the future. Even Windows promises this is just the beginning: “As we look forward, we will continue to invest in areas that truly reflect the capabilities of a real-life assistant, like proactively reminding you about the things you have to do without you even asking, getting you to a meeting on time or helping to track and manage your calendar.”

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Cortana Gets Better at Helping You Manage Your Busy Schedule