Facebook’s Fake News Problem

It’s no secret that Facebook has come under fire in recent years. From privacy concerns to the spread of misinformation, the social media platform has left more and more people wondering how social media has changed our views, decisions and even our daily lives. For instance, the recent Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma chronicles the addictive nature of social media use. When paired with access to limitless content, these addictions create a dependent population.


How is Facebook dealing with this?

For starters, Facebook released a surprising response to The Social Dilemma documentary: “We don’t want hate speech on our platform and work to remove it, despite what the film says…We removed over 22 million pieces of hate speech in the second quarter of 2020, over 94% of which we found before someone reported it.” 

It is true that Facebook has slimmed down the levels of misinformation on its site. Nevertheless, a Forbes report confirmed that Facebook still spreads fake news stories faster than any other website. So what now? Well, while Facebook improves its policies users can continue to report misinformation on their feeds. The more people report, the less chance these stories keep getting shared.

How can you report fake news?

It’s easy to report fake stories you see on your news feed. Just follow these steps:

  1. When you see a false news story, click the three dots next to the post.
  2. Select “Find support or report post.”
  3. Select “False News” and then select “Next.”
  4. Click “Done.”


Your help could have a significant impact. If you need any assistance spotting fake news stories, check out Facebook’s tips for recognizing misinformation on your feed.