Using Favorites, Parental Controls & More on U-verse

Using Favorites, Parental Controls & More on U-verse

Video transcript:

In this video, you’ll learn how to access your favorite channels, hide channels, and restrict programs using parental controls. Feel free to pause this video, review a previous section or advance to a new section of the video at any time. With U-verse TV, watching your favorite channels has never been easier. Instead of searching through the full program guide, the favorite channels feature lets you skip straight to an abbreviated program guide that includes the channels you’ve selected. This also populates your My Multiview, which lets you view up to four of your favorite channels at once. Access your favorites by tuning to the channel you want to add, then press Enter/Zoom and you can add or remove the channel as a favorite or view a list of your favorites.

For a more customized experience and easier navigation, you can also hide channels that you don’t want to appear in your channel guide. To do so, press menu on your remote, scroll right to options, select channel options and scroll to hide channels and press OK. Scroll up or down through your list of available channels, pressing OK to add or remove a check mark, indicating whether a channel is to be hidden or made visible. Then save your selections by pressing Save, then OK. By setting a four digit PIN number, you can lock adults only programming and limit access by TV and movie ratings or block Pay-Per-View and On Demand purchases.

You can do this with parental control. Press Menu on your remote, scroll right to Options, select Parental Locking and follow the on-screen prompts. Be sure to scroll to Save and press OK when you’re done. Going forward, the four-digit PIN number is required to access any locked content or programming. When you lock purchases, all On Demand and Pay-Per-View events as well as programming additions via the TV Account Manager application will require the PIN number. When Adult Programs is locked, all the posters and titles for those programs are blocked as well. Additional assistance can be found online at, enter the keywords “parental controls” or “create favorites”.

To set up My Multiview, press Menu and scroll to My Multiview, then press OK to select. This app allows you to add up to 55 favorites and view four at a time. Select the channel you want to view and press OK to bring it into the large viewport with audio. You can even set a recording to view later, just press record while the channel is highlighted. For more on My Multiview and other U-verse applications, check out the U-bar, My Multiview and More Applications help video. Additional assistance can be found at Enter the keywords “create favorites” or “parental controls”.