They Deliver Food?


They Deliver Food?

September 11, 2015

Thanks to food delivery services, you no longer have to call the restaurant to get your food. Whether you’re ordering directly from a local pizza joint or using a company such as GrubHub or Seamless, just tap the app to get your next meal delivered right to your door.

But, did you know that some beloved companies are hitting the road with their take on food delivery services?

Amazon expands delivery options

Amazon Prime members are no stranger to free delivery. With a $99 yearly subscription, Amazon Prime comes with free two-day shipping, instant video and music streaming, unlimited photo storage and now, free one-hour restaurant delivery.

Open to Seattle residents, Amazon Prime subscribers can use Prime Now to order food, and Amazon will have it delivered within the hour. Users can open the Prime Now mobile app to find a list of menus to choose from. They can place an order directly through the app and track the status of the delivery. For now, Amazon does not charge an additional service or delivery fee.

Because Amazon already stores Prime members’ billing and shipping information, users benefit from not having to go through the hassle of repeatedly entering an address and credit card info.

According to Reuters, New York may be the next stop as Amazon expands their restaurant delivery endeavor.

Uber offers more than rides

Uber has launched food delivery services in six cities across the globe, including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and Barcelona. Dubbed UberEATS, interested customers can place a meal order through Uber’s app.

Options include a set menu that is arranged with local restaurants, and the food choices change daily. Delivery is available during specific hours each day. Some cities are limited to delivery during lunch, but others have the option to order from UberEATS for brunch and dinner. Forbes reports that meals range from $8 to $12 with a $3 delivery fee.

Uber’s transition into the food delivery market had several bumps in the road. Some users accidentally ordered food when they thought they were requesting a ride. Drivers were used to staying in their cars instead of delivering to the door, and finding street parking in a busy city proved to be difficult. Lastly, when orders were low, unused food was thrown away at the end of the day.

Save more on food with Groupon

Groupon is a website that offers deals and coupons for restaurants, getaways, entertainment, clothing and more. For example, you can purchase a $40 gift certificate to one of your favorite restaurants for only $25. Groupon also recently decided to enter the food delivery market. Groupon To Go will make its introduction in Chicago, and known for its great online deals, Groupon To Go is offering orders that can save customers up to 10 percent.

In July, Groupon paid $69 million to purchase OrderUp, a food delivery startup based in Baltimore. Similar to other services, users can place an order through its app or online. Recently, OrderUp expanded to the Orlando area to offer food delivery from over 35 restaurants. According to the Orlando Business Journal, the Groupon-owned service is available “to nearly 40 markets throughout the U.S. and has more than 130 employees.” Will it be coming to you soon?

The food delivery market

CBS claims that “food delivery is estimated to be a $70 billion-a-year business in the U.S.” It is a competitive market with more players entering the game each day. Some companies have already established themselves in the industry, while others, like the ones above, are just branching out.

There is no argument that people won’t take advantage of food delivery services. Like most things, companies just have to make sure they find a way to stand out against competitors.

So, who’s delivering your next meal?