How to Wall Mount Your Flat Screen TV

How to Wall Mount Your Flat Screen TV

Mounting your flat screen television to a wall saves space and protects your investment. Getting it up there can be done in five steps once you have the proper equipment and a friend or two on hand to help you.


You’ll need to purchase a mounting kit. These are usually available anywhere that sells TVs. Most come with two or four mounting arms and a bracket plate. The arms lock into your TV and the mounting plate is fastened to your wall. To avoid costly mistakes, consider purchasing a kit made by the same manufacturer of your TV.


Once you have your kit, you’ll need the following tools to install it:

  • Power drill
  • Cable-wire tester
  • Level
  • Screwdriver
  • Stud finder
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Socket wrench


To save time and avoid costly or dangerous mistakes, complete these tasks before you begin installation work:

  • Gather up all the necessary hardware.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Decide whether or not you will cover your wires and cables.
  • Have a least one person present to help you.
  • Be sure you won’t be drilling into any electrical wires or fuse boxes by using a cable-wire tester.

Steps to Mounting Your TV

Secure the mounting bracket

  • Remove any existing stand from your TV.
  • Find the mounting holes on your television, remove plastic caps.
  • Secure mounting arms to mounting holes.
  • Use all the recommended hardware.
  • Set your TV aside

Find the best location to mount your TV

  • Consider glare, visibility, and seating.
  • Mount your TV at a height amenable to the eye-level of viewers.
  • Select a location near to an electrical outlet.

Attach the mounting bracket to the wall.

Note: If you are connecting your television to a fixed mounting with no arms, consider connecting cables (step 4) before beginning this step.

  • Using your stud finder, locate the two studs you will be drilling into in order to mount your TV.
  • Carefully mark the center of each stud. Use a nail to probe and ensure the stud is where you think it is.
  • Measure the space between the top and bottom holes for both mounting arms. Make corresponding marks over the studs using a level to be certain the holes are at equal height.
  • Use your power drill to make pilot holes. These should be 75% smaller than the mounting screws.
  • Using the recommended hardware, attach the wall bracket to the wall. Drive in lag bolts with a socket wrench if they come with your mount kit.

Connect all cables

  • Ensure the TV and all attached devices are NOT connected to a power source.
  • Ask your helper to hold the TV to the wall mount.
  • Connect the audio/video cables to your TV in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Mount Your Television
Note: Do not attempt this step without help.

  • Lock the mounting arms onto the wall bracket. Test them for weight bearing by tugging down firmly but carefully.
  • Be sure each point is locked snugly down, testing again by carefully applying downward pressure.
  • Test your electrical connections. Perform any necessary adjustments.