Set up a Business Phone System

Set up a Business Phone System in Four Steps

Setting up your company’s phone system is easier than it sounds. Whether you have analog or digital service, you’ll be able to get up and running in no time.

1. Decide Which Phone System is Best for Your Business

Do a little research to decide if your business should use an analog or digital phone service. You’ll probably find you’re most familiar with analog services. Companies have been using them for years. They are landlines that run on regular phone wiring.

Digital services are a little more flexible and offer features like call hold music and special messages. They run through a High Speed Internet connection and can be updated almost immediately with the push of a button. The price difference between digital and analog can fluctuate greatly, depending on your service provider. Although digital offers more features, sometimes it costs less than analog.

2. Choose Your Phone Number

One of the easiest steps to setting up your new business phone is choosing your phone number. Once you have your phone system in place, you can simply call your new phone carrier and choose your number. You should have a few options in mind in case your desired number is already taken. Write down your top choices, especially if you want to embed a word or a phrase into your phone number to make it easy for customers to recognize and remember. You can even keep your company’s current phone number by patching it over to the new system.

3. Record a Message

Record a message so your customers know they have reached the correct number. You can decide if you want the answering service to respond before the phone rings. If so, it will ring once on your customer’s end before going directly to your message. Then, they can choose who they want to speak with by pressing a button. You can also set up your message to play only if you are unable to answer the phone.

4. Input Your Extensions

Make life easier for you and your customers by adding extensions. If you have a large company, you can set up a department menu. That way, if a caller wants to speak to someone in a specific department, they can reach it directly by dialing the number you’ve associated with it. Once there, they can press a button you’ve assigned for each employee. If you have a digital carrier, you can do this online through your account. If you have an analog phone, you’ll need to call your phone carrier’s customer assistance hotline to set these extensions up.