Top Tech Gadgets of 2015

Top Tech Gadgets of 2015

December 17, 2015

Apple Watch

Released: April 2015

Apple Watch

One of the main purposes of the Apple Watch is to help you check your phone less often. It’s a convenient way to send calls and texts and always be available to receive important calls and texts. Whether good or bad, it ensures that you’re constantly connected even without your phone.

The watch has other great features, too. Its basic fitness tracking technology can count the steps you take, record how many calories you’ve burned, and monitor your heart rate. Plus, there are thousands of apps to choose from.

Overall, CNET described the Apple Watch as “the most ambitious, well-constructed smartwatch ever seen, but first-gen shortfalls make it feel more like a fashionable toy than a necessary tool.”

The Apple Watch brought more attention to the growing tech category of wearables. The first version may not be perfect, but like other Apple products, we can expect to see improvement in newer versions to come.

Amazon Echo

Released: June 2015

More than just a speaker, Amazon Echo comes with Alexa, a virtual personal assistant. The Echo can play music, provide the weather forecast, set an alarm, add items to your shopping list, turn on and off lights, and answer a multitude of questions.

The Echo is Amazon’s first venture into the Internet of Things. Like most initial products, it has a few downfalls. It doesn’t have a battery, so it must remain plugged in at all times. And, it can’t send messages for you.

However, Amazon has released continuous updates and improvements over the year. PCMag said, “And given the steady flow of updates that Amazon keeps pushing out, I wouldn’t be surprised if, a year from now, you’re relying on the Echo for so many different things you forget that it can also play music.”

For now, it may be a bit expensive for some people. But, “it’s a worthwhile, futuristic product that may well find a useful spot in your home.”

Selfie Stick

Released: technically 1925


Nowadays, we can’t do anything without feeling the urge to post a picture to Instagram or Facebook. But, it’s not always possible to have your picture taken, and those selfies with your arm in view are anything but flattering. Enter the selfie stick: an extendable stick that holds your smartphone, allowing you to take better pictures without handing your phone to a stranger.

Compared to other high tech gadgets, the selfie stick is as simple as it gets. Yet, in 2015, this product took off like wild fire. It works via Bluetooth or a cable plugged directly into your phone. The cable version is slightly more beneficial as it doesn’t require a charge.

It looks like selfie sticks are just gaining momentum, too. The CEO of Solo Stick says the company is working on a product that will allow users to view the image they took without having to remove the phone from the stick. Other ideas have been thrown around like a smart phone case with a retractable stick built right in.

While these ideas would save time and effort, the original creator of the selfie stick, Wayne Fromm, has even greater plans. Fromm said, “I have created the next generation, it is 100 percent invisible; there is nothing to even hold. It is virtual and it is not a drone.” It sounds like something of the future, but it will be a reality in 2016.


These are just a few of the technology products that took center stage in 2015. Whether they are fads or a new way of life, we can expect to see newer and better versions in 2016.


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