Top Cities for Tech Jobs

Top Cities for Tech Jobs You Might Not Know About

Nine U.S. cities register populations that top 1 million. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston lead the nation in residents. Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego and Dallas also top 1 million residents. All have the allure of metro living, amazing culture, active lifestyles and more.

They also have plenty of top jobs in the tech field. But tech job hotspots aren’t limited to the nation’s biggest metropolitan cities.

Jobs in technology continue to spike. A recent study by U.S. News revealed the jobs with the most growth potential in the country.

Software developer ranked third in the study. Software developers design and install computer operating systems and apps. They earned an average of $96,000 in 2013. The report predicts a growth of 139,000 jobs in the field by 2022. Computer systems analyst (7) and information security analyst (8) also made the list.

Business Insider includes tech jobs among its 20 best jobs of the future. It based its findings on openings and wages. Software systems developer, computer systems analyst and software applications developer made the list.

So, which cities below the million-resident threshold represent an enticing destination for these tech jobs? Check out some up-and-coming hotbeds for jobs in an expanding technology field.



Huntsville, AL

Population: 180,105 (2010 Census)

Average wage in tech: $65,848

This Alabama city sits close to other southern heavy-hitters – Atlanta, Birmingham and Memphis. Huntsville boasts a low cost of living and sunny weather. Companies such as Bechtel and EnVention attract professionals in software engineering and project management.

For fun in Huntsville

Check out rockets and other artifacts at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.


Kansas City, MO

Population: 459,787 (2010 Census)

Average wage in tech: $72,411

Barbecue-rich Kansas City hosts three major sports teams and a thriving arts scene. Telecommunications services flourish in Kansas City, too. The major player in town, Sprint Nextel, isn’t alone. Incubators such as Think Big Partners create an atmosphere conducive to tech startups.

For fun in Kansas City

Asian art and neoclassical architecture highlight the collection at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.


Portland, OR

Population: 583,786 (2010 Census)

Average wage in tech: $78,958

State tax in Oregon is relatively high (as high as 9.9%), but Oregonians don’t pay sales tax. The Rose City boasts a robust transit system, too. Oregon’s Silicon Forest includes influential players Intel, Tektronics and Pixelworks. Semiconductor manufacturing reigns supreme in Portland.

For fun in Portland

The Oregon Zoo, famous for its polar bears, also hosts a summer music lineup.


Providence, RI

Population: 178,042 (2010 Census)

Average wage in tech: $72,165

A perennial mention in top cities for restaurants lists, Providence also boasts farmers markets, an art presence and underrated beaches. Computer and information systems managers, non-computer electronics engineers and computer network architects are among the state’s top-paying jobs.

For fun in Providence

You’ll want to bring visitors to WaterFire, a stunning sculpture on rivers of downtown Providence.


Boulder, CO

Population: 97,385 (2010 Census)

Average wage in tech: $96,077

America’s least obese city hosts more than 60 parks with activities for all ages. The University of Colorado, IBM and Level 3 Communications call Boulder home. A hub of computer systems design, Boulder has become a destination for tech companies such as Wiland to set roots.

For fun in Boulder

It’s too nice to stay inside. Spend a day hiking the trails at nearby Flagstaff Mountain.

Where can you find the hottest tech jobs? They’re in these five places, and elsewhere, in cities like Charlotte, Nashville and Ventura, California. All have abundant diversions, low costs of living and the jobs to draw plenty of talent to town.