U-verse Voice and Voicemail Features

U-verse Voice and Voicemail Features

Video transcript:

This video explains the features of U-verse Voice, Voicemail and Caller ID. In addition to crystal clear calls, AT&T U-verse Voice provides you with several convenient features so you can enjoy greater control of your calls and messages. Like our Locate Me feature, which rings up to five phones at the same time, so you’ll never miss a call. When you subscribe to both U-verse Voice and U-verse TV, you can see who is calling or view your call history right on your TV screen. You can also initiate a call from your TV screen with Click to Call. AT&T U-verse Voice subscribers can also take advantage of convenient online services including listening to voicemail online, emailing voicemail messages, placing calls from your online account, changing phone features, and viewing call history online.

To view your voicemail messages online, log in to your online U-verse account by visiting att.com/myatt and entering your user ID and password. Your user or member ID is the email address you created when you registered your U-verse service. If you’ve forgotten your user ID or password, follow the forgot user ID or password links for help. If you subscribe to U-verse Voice and AT&T wireless, you can access a single voicemail box for home and wireless messages and have home phone messages signal on your wireless phone. U-verse voicemail simplifies your messaging service by integrating your AT&T U-verse Voice and wireless voicemail in one centralized area. You can access theses messages from anywhere via your personal computer, telephone, wireless phone, or any other device with data access. With voicemail viewer, you can check and manage your messages right from any compatible smart phone with a data plan. Everything you need to get started is on our webpage at att.com/vmviewer.

U-verse Caller ID on TV allows subscribers with U-verse TV and U-verse voice to receive caller ID and voicemail message notifications on their television screens. If you’d rather not be disturbed by call notifications while you’re watching TV, you can easily turn these notifications off. To access caller ID settings on the TV, select go interactive on your remote control to bring up the interactive apps menu. Scroll to services, select the phone services tile, and follow the prompts to make any changes. You can set up your U-verse Voice Mailbox by phone or online from your PC. To set up by phone, simply dial *98 from your home phone and follow the prompts. To set up your voicemail online, access the Setup Wizard by logging in to your online U-verse account at att.com/myatt and entering your user ID and password. Here select home phone, then select mailbox setup. Now the Setup Wizard will launch. Here select next, and then follow the on screen instructions. The Voicemail Setup Wizard will walk you through every step of setting up your Voice Mailbox and creating up to eight sub-account voicemail boxes for family members.

Get connected with AT&T U-verse Voice and Messaging Services and enjoy more options and more integrated features. For additional information on your U-verse Voice features such as forwarding and blocking calls, go to att.com/uversesupport and enter the keywords “call blocking” or “call forwarding”. Thank you for choosing AT&T.