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AT&T Internet Speed

The best part of having Internet access? It puts the world at your fingertips.

You can shop and pay bills from the comfort of your own home. Find your favorite TV shows and movies in seconds. Catch up on the news with the click of a button.

Do all that and more, faster, with AT&T. Connect with the AT&T Internet speed that’s right for you today!

Enjoy fast AT&T Internet speeds

If you do a lot online, you need ultra-fast Internet. And for ultra-fast Internet, you need AT&T Internet.

With downstream speeds up to 100Mbps, AT&T Internet delivers the fastest internet speeds. Speed, reliability and convenience — internet that you can count on.

When you have the speed of AT&T Internet, you can do it all.


Stream your favorite shows

Streaming. Get your favorite online content with better quality and less buffering. Whether you’re playing music while you clean the house or streaming your favorite TV show, you can watch and listen more with AT&T Internet speeds.

Downloading. Forget the video store or the rental kiosk. With AT&T Internet speed, you can download movies, music and more in just minutes. From work files to video games, get the documents and programs you need sent straight to your devices.

Gaming. Gaming can be hard on an average Internet connection. But AT&T Internet isn’t your average Internet. Play multi-player video games in real-time, with less lag. Game online with people across town or across the world.

Multi-device use. AT&T is fast enough for your whole family, and all their gadgets: PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and more. Even connect game consoles and smart TVs, without slowing your connection.

Fast speed, low price: AT&T High-Speed Internet

Not everyone needs the ultra-fast speeds of AT&T Internet. With High Speed Internet, you can get a connection that’s fast enough for everything you do online — without paying for speed you don’t need.

From surfing the Web to checking your email, AT&T High-Speed Internet has your everyday activities covered. And with downstream speeds up to 100Mbps, AT&T can support what you love online:

Connect better with a bundle

Make the most of your connection by bundling AT&T Internet and home phone. You get fast AT&T Internet speed, reliable home phone, and a lower price on both services.

Unbelievably fast. Do more online with downstream speeds up to 100Mbps. You can count on consistent AT&T Internet speeds 24/7 — even during peak hours.

Unbeatably reliable. AT&T home phone is strong, dependable home phone service. Stay in touch with friends and family, and access tons of advanced home phone features.

Incredibly affordable. With AT&T bundles, you get fast AT&T Internet at a great price. The more you bundle, the more you save.

Choose fast fiber or basic broadband. Add one phone line or two. Get the features you need, for a connection that’s perfect for you. Call today to get started!