Here's a list of top U.S. cities experiencing major growth in its tech economy.
Top Tech Savvy U.S. Cities
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The tech industry isn’t only booming in Silicon Valley. It’s rapidly expanding across the U.S., employing over 6 million people in 2015. Some of the top employing tech fields include IT, research and development, engineering services, telecommunications and software.

Don’t expect the tech world to slow down any time soon. In 2016 and 2017, the tech economy is expected to grow about 4 to 5 percent. Check out the list of top cities experiencing major growth in its tech market.

The top tech savvy cities were determined based on three data sets derived from LinkedIn and Glassdoor. The tech score was comprised of the three – available tech jobs per capita, the number of employed tech jobs per capita and the percentage of tech jobs in the entire work industry– which determined the city’s “tech savvy” ranking. Those labeled as “tech jobs” include software development, information technology and computer software.

Then, the cities were placed into three groups based on the city’s population size and ranked using their score. The large population group was made of 180,000 to 8 million people, the medium group had 93,000 to 179,999 people and the small group had 49,347 to 92,999 people.