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Pick up the pace with U-verse Internet Speed

If there’s one thing that sets U-verse apart, it’s speed. U-verse services are delivered over a network that includes fiber-optic technology to deliver faster, more consistent Internet speeds, so you can do more online.1

U-verse speeds reach up to 75 Mbps downstream.** That’s faster than average broadband. And it’s more than fast enough to support everything you do online.


Your favorite TV shows and movies. The latest songs from bands you love. Live feeds of sporting events or awards shows. You can stream it all with AT&T U-verse speeds.

Streaming uses a lot of bandwidth. And with some Internet service providers, that can jam up your network and slow your connection. But not with U-verse Internet speed. U-verse speeds let you stream faster — without slowing your network.


Whether you’re an occasional player or an avid gamer, you know the need for fast, reliable Internet speed. And you can get them with AT&T U-verse.

Slow Internet can be your worst enemy when it comes to gaming. Stay on top with U-verse speeds. You can compete in real-time with opponents across the world. Play rapid-response games, without losing out to slow speeds.


You know that downloading files takes up space on your computer. But did you know it also takes up space on your network?

Downloading — whether it’s pictures, documents, movies or games — requires a lot of bandwidth, and a lot of speed. But AT&T U-verse speeds can handle it. Whether it’s work files or family photos, you can get the content you need faster with AT&T.

Download a video game and start playing in no time. Buy a movie online, and be ready to watch as soon as the popcorn’s done. Watch, listen and do more with U-verse Internet speed.


Have multiple people and devices on your network? AT&T can support them all. Get the whole family and all their gadgets online with U-verse speeds.

The more devices on your network, the faster the U-verse Internet speed you need. Get the fastest U-verse speeds and connect computers, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles and more — even at the same time.

Stream music on your laptop while you send emails from your phone. Watch TV on your XBOX while you check social media on your tablet. With U-verse Internet speed, you can do all on a fast, reliable connection.

Get the speed you need

U-verse speeds support what you do online, for work and for play. Get the speed you need from AT&T U-verse, and build an Internet plan that’s perfect for you.

Get fast U-verse Internet speed and a reliable U-verse connection. Add home phone service or online security. Stay connected anywhere with AT&T Wi-Fi. Find the plan you need, at a price you can afford. Call now to get started!