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Count on U-verse Voice

Cell phones and smartphones are great. They let you check your email, download apps, play games and more. But when it comes to reliability, a home phone can’t be beat.

When you have AT&T home phone service, you don’t have to worry about dead batteries, dropped calls and lost signals. With U-verse Voice, you can stay in touch with the ones you love, when it matters most.

More connectivity

The best part of U-verse Voice? Over 25 calling features are included with every U-verse calling plan. This includes the standards you love like Three-Way Calling and Caller ID, plus the features you’ll always wish you had like Do Not Disturb and Locate Me. Get the convenience you need and the reliability you want from AT&T U-verse Voice. 

U-verse phone service runs on AT&T’s all-digital network for stronger signals and clearer calls. It’s a connection you can count on, and a difference you can hear.

Better home security

Here at AT&T, we want to keep you safe — online and at home. That’s why we’ve tested U-verse Voice for compatibility with many home security systems. If your alarm is triggered, your home security provider will be automatically notified over our network. Check with your home security service to see if U-verse phone is compatible with your system.

U-verse phone service also works with many monitored medical device systems. Contact your provider to see if yours is one of them!

High-tech extras

U-verse Voice isn’t your average home phone service. It’s equipped with 25+ high-tech features that keep you connected better — and help you connect on your terms.

Anonymous Call Rejection. Always know who you’re talking to. Prevent calls from users who block their number and Caller ID information.

Call Forwarding. Never miss a call. Forward calls to another number when your line is busy, when you can’t answer, or when there’s a service disruption. Or, choose up to 20 exclusive numbers to forward to another line.

Call Blocking/Call Screening. Block unwanted calls from up to 20 numbers — or set your phone to accept calls from only designated numbers.

Do Not Disturb. Don’t want to be bothered by a ringing phone? Set Do Not Disturb and send a busy signal to all incoming callers.

Locate Me. Send incoming calls to up to 3 additional mobile or landline numbers, so you’re always connected — no matter where you are.


Home phone service that works for you

With U-verse Voice, you can get a home phone plan that’s perfect for you. Unlimited minutes or a monthly plan. Local, national and international calling options. Get a new phone number, or keep your old one. Add on optional extras like a second line.

Call now to get U-verse Voice and ask about AT&T bundle options with U-verse Internet.